Christmas Projects

I’ve been busy working on many Christmas projects and cards. First off Randy bought some flat agates and small buffalos to give to the people who work in his office. After every trip to the Black Hills he would come back with some buffalo for his herd. He bought the flat agates and I told him he needed to buy a buffalo to go with the agate. So they will remember him after this job is done. I had these boxes for forever and decided they would be perfect for him. So I made 8 boxes!



Next I made some cards following the you tube video here. I LOVE holly bushes! We had a row of them in Iowa and they are gorgeous! Loved looking out the window and seeing the red berries and the Cardinals eating them all Winter. I miss seeing them. Here in North Dakota in our neighborhood we do not have birds. Most of the trees are twigs so no birds. 😦

I write everything down that I use on cards but in my mess I cannot find it. I’m pretty sure I used DI pine needles to edge the card. Merry Christmas and Peace & Joy are Hero Arts stamps. The die is holly flourish from Cherry Lynn Designs. Berries were a glitter glue. This card brings back very special memories for me. Oops guess I didn’t take a pic of the inside.

Christmas '16

I will have a post on the Mini Matchboxes I made for the guys and for Madyson for Christmas. A lot of pics so will do it sometime this week. I had sooo much fun making them. I plan to make more of them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will be a blessed and healthy year for you.

As always thanks for stopping to look and leaving some love. It is always appreciated.




4 responses to “Christmas Projects

  1. I watched the video Myrna – thank you!!! You did a wonderful job with your card – but you always do!
    I have some birds but not like in North Carolina –
    It is so good to see you post! I hope you will post again soon and I wish you a healthy and very happy 2016!!!!
    Sandy xx

  2. Thanks for making the boxes. Everyone thought they were clever and unique.

  3. Love the boxes. They are so cute. And the card is awesome !!! I received in on Saturday and was overjoyed !! Thanks !!!!!

  4. Awesome job making those boxes and designing each one differently turned out great! Very cool job on the cards too! Love it all!

    Love always,

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