Thinking of You card for Nikki

I just had to make “So Sorry” a Saturated Canary image for my niece Nikki. She has been going through a very rough patch with severe pain. She is one to think of others first and soldiered on going to school to teach everyday. Next week she goes to the doctor and hopefully will find some answers.                                                 Randy was going through her town and offered to hand deliver it.


Thanks for stopping and visiting with me for a while. Always appreciate any love you leave.




7 responses to “Thinking of You card for Nikki

  1. Very cute card. I will say a few prayers for Nikki. Hopefully it will be something easy to fix.

  2. Myrna your cards and coloring are always fantastic!!!!!
    Sandy xx

  3. WOW !!! a pink card and it is so cute. So sorry to hear about Nikki. I hope she gets some answers at the DR.

  4. Awesome job, Myrna. The coloring was perfect and the way you laid it out with your paper selections was the perfect finishing touch

  5. Love how you colored and designed this card for Nikki! She should appreciate it and will hopefully get some answers as to what needs to be done to ease her pains.

    Love always,

  6. You always do a beautiful job! Hope Nikki is well, soon.

  7. I always wonder how you can top your last card and you ALWAYS do just that. I had to wait and see the real card to capture the beauty firsthand. I brought chicken over to them tonight so I had the opportunity to see it.Now I can understand why you couldn’t mail it without ruining it. Speechless! Don’t tell me that you made those flowers or I’ll faint. The card is perfect for Nikki Lynn, exquisite, and just perfect. Your coloring and layout was perfect once again. The stamp sayings on the back brought tears to my eyes. She has a appointment tomorrow with a rheumatologist at 9:30 but not expecting to get any answers. Just more blood work…I know I should be more positive but she has been going in circles for over a month and no answers. So please keep her in your prayers. Tell Randy that I was disappointed that he didn’t contact me so I could have been there to see him for at least a couple minutes. Bummer! THANKS for taking the time to brighten Nikki’s day Myrna and to Randy for his special delivery of this special keepsake card for Nikki. Hugs and love to all of you:)

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