A Couple of Halloween Cards For A Couple of Special Little Girls

Usually I just make Mady a card because Drew is one of her Godparents. I keep hearing how excited Sydney gets when Mady gets her card. Since we saw both little sweeties this Summer when we all got together for my birthday in August. I decided to make her one too. Also sent some Halloween cards to my nephew’s two sweeties. Saw them this Summer too for the first time in a loooong time.

Just a quick story from this Summer. We had hiked down to a beautiful waterfall in the Black Hills. Steep with lots of roots, wet and slippery. Should give you an idea how treacherous the trip up was. Jacob was holding my hand the whole time. Going as fast as a young kid can, dragging me behind. :o) We get to the top and I’m panting trying to get my breath back. Jacob stops and looks at me and asks, “do you want to run now”? Between laughing and gasping for breath I said, “no, I don’t want to run now”. He looks at me and says, “that’s ok I’ll walk with you”. You just have to love to the little guy! 🙂

Anywho here is Sydney’s Halloween card. I used Treats from Saturated Canary. It was fun coloring her with her green skin.

Sydney's Halloween

Here is Mady’s card. I used Hazel digi from Wee Stamps. It’s been so long ago I think this is  where I bought it from.

Madyson's Halloween

Now, I have to get started with Christmas cards. Still am working on my Wine Journal and 60th Birthday Trip book. When I get some images colored I’ll post them.

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6 responses to “A Couple of Halloween Cards For A Couple of Special Little Girls

  1. BLESS your heart sis for making each of them a Halloween card. Hope that I can see their reaction when they open them. Sydney will get all excited over her gray boots as that is what she is wearing already this fall. Bet she’ll laugh at the green face and she is a bag lady like her Aunt Myrna used to be. She’ll try her best to get the candy off the corners,….,oops! Mady’s Halloween card is her to a tea with messy long hair. And she is wearing an orange outfit with wings and she is a monarch butterfly this year. Interesting that the colors you used match so much of what they are wearing for costumes. I have witch hats that they have been playing with for a month or more. Thanks so much for sending them special Halloween cards as they will be in Brookings cheering on BROS! Plus they have missed all the pre-Halloween events in SF this year as Nikki has been working 24-7 trying keep up with teaching, going to doctors and PT and Robotics. Can’t wait until Robotics is done for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric will have to take them Trick or Treating as Nikki will be with her Robotic team until late Saturday night. Love your coloring and designs……sure wish I had would have just a tad of your talent. I will never forget the fun and adventures we had this summer….Jacob sure can make one smile and he is such a loving child isn’t he?? I usually collapse on the couch when Mady and Sydney leave…Sydney doesn’t miss a beat. She loved all the pictures around our house that I had framed from the hills this summer. In fact, she carried the SISTERS frame around for awhile and kept pointing to each of us and saying our names. She’d put her hands on her hips and ask “Where are they?” Children really remind adults to stop and smell the flowers. THANKS for helping make childhood memories with our grandchildren. They are certainly blessed and we treasure living so close to them. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  2. Beautiful card and so very sweet! You coloring Myrna is fabulous!
    sandy xx

  3. Awesome cards. I’m sure they’ll love them. You did another excellent job of coloring and liked your paper selections, too.

  4. Your cards are so cute !!! And I love that you can use orange this time of year and I won’t give you a hard time about that !!! You haven’t lost your coloring skills. Great job of coloring !!!!

  5. Love how both Mady’s and Sydney’s Halloween cards turned out! Very cool job coloring and designing both of these cards! Great job keep up the great work!

    Love always,

  6. Cute cards! The girls will love them!

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