Randy’s Father’s Day Card

I had a lot of fun making this card for Randy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. I did have to experiment a little before I got it right.

Randy Father's Day

I used pretty much all tim Holtz stuff for the card. The background is TH “On the Go” texture fades. I used  the “Fresh Brewed” die set using acetate for the cup. I used acrylic paint on the back to get the coffee color. I also used the frosting from the cupcake stamp set for caramel-laced whipped cream. For the straw I used an actual Starbucks straw and ran in through the machine with the “Fresh Brewed” die. I also used a square punch for the ice cubes and dabbed white acrylic on the squares.

We went to the Black Hills in South Dakota for a three-day weekend for Father’s Day. It started out pretty hairy. For most of the 6 hour drive down there we had tornado warnings, grapefruit size hail and 90mph winds. Luckily, we were about 20 miles north of all this. Still made it hairy as at one point it was coming directly at us. We took the fast route down that way has two towns! Pretty much in the wide-open space and nowhere to go. Arrived safe and sound!

We had a wonderful time and the smell of pine was just amazing!!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping!



4 responses to “Randy’s Father’s Day Card

  1. Hey Myrna!! You have always made picture perfect cards and your coloring is beyond compare. This is one yummy Father’s Day card!!
    Glad you trip turned out well!
    sandy xx

  2. Super card !!! Makes me want a Starbucks right now. Glad your trip was a fun one.

  3. Thanks for a fantastic card. Loved all the little detail you went to in making it – the drink background, the straw, the whipped cream, the ice cubes in the glass, the coloring and everything else. Great way to start out a Father’s Day!

  4. Great job coloring and designing dad’s card! Great idea with the Starbucks coffee cup very cool how it turned out!

    Love always,

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