Anniversary Card for Randy

Where, oh where does the time go?? Randy and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. It feels like we just got married yesterday. Andrew treated us to a meal at a local restaurant last night. It was such a special night.

I’ve had “Zoe Celebrates” from MIC for forever. For some reason she just jumped out at me as the perfect image for my card to Randy. Working on hair coloring so this one was a good one for that. I am having a lot of trouble with my eyes they get so dry and as they get drier my vision gets blurrier. This is even with eye drops . It is getting harder to color. Time to go to an eye doctor and see what is going on. Anywho here is my card.

Zoe Celebrates

I pretty much went Fran-Tage crazy on this card. It just said “celebration” to me!

The last time we went to the Black Hills for a three-day weekend we went to the “Everything Prehistoric and Museum at Black Hills Institute of Geological Research” store in Hill City, SD. We love that store! They have all these gorgeous rocks there. My dad was a kind of a rock hound. Grew up around rocks. He liked to carve using marble. We always had to be careful of flying marble when he was working on a project. Anyway, we discovered this AWESOME vase carved out of stone. It is weathered stone with 7 colors in it naturally. We bought it for our anniversary. As you can see Randy found roses to match. Yep, that’s something he would do. đŸ™‚


That’s it for me today. Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

Thanks for stopping and leaving some love!



6 responses to “Anniversary Card for Randy

  1. Glad you had a special day! Your card and that vase are lovely. I didn’t realize that stone could be that colorful.

  2. Fantastic card, Myrna! Even if you say you’re having trouble coloring, it’s sure not apparent to me. I thought you did a great job. Glad you liked the flowers, too

  3. Your coloring is awesome !!! The card is so fun and full energy. Just right for an anniversary celebration. Love the vase and flowers. Randy is such a sweetheart !!!

  4. Awesome job coloring and designing this card! Cool flowers for your vase too.

    Love always,

  5. Wonderful card – I swear Myrna, you are a pro!! And that vase is out of this world gorgeous!!
    Sandy xx

  6. “Myrna Celebrates” jumped out to you cause after 38 years Randy is still amazing to you. It’s a dynamite picture of you jumping up so grateful about your past and hopeful for your future. It is also EVIDENT that Randy feels the same way about you as he searched until he found the perfect flowers to match your new vase. Congratulations on your spectacular coloring and your hair is colored and highlighted to perfection. Love those eyes and you know orange and denim always rock! You certainly have many blessings to count for your 38th anniversary. Wishing you all a Blessed Easter:)

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