Madyson’s Birthday & Week 5 DLP

I had so much fun making Madyson’s birthday card. This card suits her to a tee. She loves the outdoors! I have quite a few pics today so will get right at it.

Mady's B'day '15

A side view so you can see the dimension of it.

Mady side-view

Last weeks DLP was using “under paper.” I use old brown paper bags so didn’t have paper. I do use a lot of baby wipes that I have spread out to dry. Journal Prompt was “what lies beneath”. I decided that I would go with the theme of the masks we hide behind. My right page is of a Mardi Gras mask. I used a feather die to cut feathers out of my baby wipes. Then strings for the mask. That was a lot harder as the wipes like to rip easily. My left page is a poem I found on the internet that I feel is too personal to share. Hence, I covered it up.

Week 4

Right page

Week 4 Right Page

I have three Valentine’s to show you in a few days. I had a blast coloring again! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I will be enjoying my beautiful roses Randy brought for me today at noon.

As always thank you for stopping and visiting with for a while and for leaving some love.



6 responses to “Madyson’s Birthday & Week 5 DLP

  1. Madyson’s card is awesome. Hope she enjoys it as much you enjoyed making it. Great job on the jeans and the tire, too. I really liked your DLP pages, as well. Keep up the great work

  2. Awesome job coloring and designing Mady’s Birthday card, she’ll love it! Love how the tireswing idea turned out very cool!!!

    Love always,

  3. Cool ideas for your weekly journal entry! Love how the pages turned out for this week! Very cool techiques that you used to complete this week’s pages! Keep it up!

    Love always,

  4. Incredibly adorable–too cute for words Myrna! You are right on that is Mady to a tea in the tire swing (Papa will have to put one up for her this summer)! Spring is in the air on her card—the leaves look so real that I can smell them and the bark on the tree so real that I can feel it!! LOVE, LOVE, the hot pink shirt, patch on her knee and her hot pink toe nails. She will squeal with excitement when she receives it!!!! We’re celebrating again on Sunday at a hotel–so she’s super excited!!

  5. Love that journal page on the masks we hide behind—so true! (if you have a chance I’d love it if you would e-mail me your poem)! The techniques are beyond creative and innovative—Wowsers!! Speechless regarding all the techniques you attempt and your final products amazes-you rock sis! Dynamite colors and the rich white etching showing through makes it too perfect to write on!

  6. The card is so cute and creative. The bright pink was a surprise. It is gorgeous and not a color I have seen you use before. The journal page is another story. I love the orange and peachy/yellow background. The mask is just right for this time of year. Great job !!!!!

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