Week 4 DLP Black Hills Trip

I didn’t do the prompt or challenge this week as I wanted to do a spread on the Black Hills. Bear in mind I do not claim in any way shape or form to be an artist. I just knew I wanted to try to see what happened. I did cover up my first attempt with gesso. I learned a lot about what worked and didn’t work for me. For the most part I didn’t have any of the colors they used for the pine trees. So my own take on colors. 😉 I did have a lot of fun doing it.

Week 4 BHT

I may do some writing about the trip on the right page with all that space there. Not sure what I’ll do with it. hmmmmm

Thanks for stopping as always love your comments.

Have a great weekend!



4 responses to “Week 4 DLP Black Hills Trip

  1. Love how these pages of your journal turned out. Very different than the first attempt on these pages, but also very awesome! Great design and shading with acrylics!!


  2. Great job with the pages. Looks like you may have gotten your inspiration from your new header (which, by the way, I like, as well).

  3. Wonderful – I think you are an artist!!
    Sandy xx

  4. Isn’t gesso wonderful !!! It will cover up a world of mistakes and “don’t likes” . I do like you pine trees and the colors you used. Just like I remember the Black Hills. I am with you and you need something on the right side, probably some journaling of your trip.

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