Week 3 DLP Journal with Jo Painting

Where do the weeks go? They fly by so fast. I had a real block on this one. The Art Challenge was “The Color Wheel”. I really didn’t want to do a traditional color wheel. I ended up using all warm colors on the left page and all cool colors on the right page. I really like how they turned out. Very bright and vivid. No surprise here but I LOVED my left page. 😉                                                                     The Journal Prompt was a Georgia O’Keeffe quote. I used it as I really liked it. My image is “Jo Painting” a Mo Manning digi.                                                                  Okay, here is where I went down hill. I could not for the life of me figure out what to do with the cool page. I finally decided to stay with the O’Keeffe theme. I Googled SW images and found this adobe house I liked. (It came from this book “Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians” by VIRGINIA MORE ROEDIGER who also illustrated it. Need to give credit due to her.) I used my fake gelli plate  (ceramic tile) and tried to do an adobe colored background. Then printed out the image on the deli paper. It looks like the ink smeared but it didn’t. Just how it was drawn. Not thrilled with my page but we headed to the Black Hills last weekend for a three-day weekend so didn’t have time to dink around with it.

Week 3

Week 3 Left Page

Week 3 Close-up

It was soooo good to get away as we hadn’t gone anywhere since early November.  Way overdue for a trip. It was well after one in the morning before we settled down and got to sleep Friday night. Saturday night we had neighbors from HELL! From 3:00AM until 5:30 they talked and laughed!!! We called the front desk at 4:30 to complain she said she would call them after she finally answered the phone after it rang for minutes. We never heard the phone ring and it was an hour later before they shut-up!                                                                                                                     Went to the front desk in the morning to see if they were checking out. If they weren’t we were. It was the sweetheart that had checked us in Friday night working. They were checking out and she’d make sure no one was put in that room Sunday night. Also was going to put the night clerk on report for failing to do anything about it. Hope she gets fired!!!! Sunday we drug ourselves around as we were sooooo tired! We went to bed at 9, of course, it was 10 our time. Temps were in the 60’s!! Felt like heaven!                                

Buffalo  Love going on Custer State Park Wildlife Loop. The buffalo were just chillin’. We did a few hikes in the park we’ve never done before. Only bad thing it takes heat to make the pine trees smell so no smell.                                                                Here it is Thursday and I haven’t even started Week 4 yet. 😦                                     Have a great day everyone! Thank you for stopping awhile and thanks for the love you leave. 


4 responses to “Week 3 DLP Journal with Jo Painting

  1. Great journal pages. Don’t laugh, but I like the left page better. I usually work in cool colors but you won me over this time !!! The quote you used is really nice.

  2. I like both pages. They look better in real life. I really like the image you colored for the left page.

  3. I too like both pages – I am also going to art journaling if I can ever get around to it. Just got back from Fernandina Beach Florida where we bought a home. We will be moving in April so I am going to be one busy old lady! But I am so excited – new surrounding with new things to do. Keep up with the good work!
    Sandy xx

  4. Awesome job coloring your image and designing these pages of your journal! Love how the adobe house page turned out too very cool!!


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