Three Birthday Cards

The beginning of June is always busy with birthdays. My two sisters and a friend have birthdays three days in a row. It keeps me hopping! I made the same card for my two sisters. I used the “sisters” from Saturated Canary. The minute I saw it I knew I had to make it for them. I was a little leery about the hair on the middle sister as it was very curly. (It looks like my hair if I let it air dry). I have enough trouble coloring straight hair. I ended up being tickled with how it turned out. I still need to work on hair though. Here are Bev & Deb’s birthday cards.



Linda’s card was made using Dylusions Mini Couture image. I actually paper-pieced the dress. I thought I would try it out.

Linda's Birthday

I just have to add this little tidbit. As most of you know I really hate cold weather. This morning on a local radio station they were talking about global warming. That every state except one had warmed up 2º in the last 30 years EXCEPT, WAIT FOR IT, NORTH DAKOTA!!! We’ve gotten COLDER and have shorter Summers! Why oh Why!!  Last night we had over an hour of  torrential rain and hail! The streets were running like rivers and just as fast. This could be a very loooong 3-5 years!

Anywho, thanks for visiting and leaving a little love for me. Always appreciate it! Have a good one today.



8 responses to “Three Birthday Cards

  1. Lovely coloring, Myrna! (I can’t remember what those flecks on the sisters’ card are.)

  2. It’s Shabby White Fran-tåge embossing powder Annette.

  3. I like your sisters cards but I love mine !!! It is so much better IRL. The colors are brighter. The background is done wonderfully. You have mastered that technique. The paper piecing was awesome. Thanks so much for the card and remembering it was my birthday.
    Now, about the cold !!! All I can say is that maybe it will be warmer this winter. The rain and hail hit southern Iowa also but we didn’t get it.

  4. Hi Linda! Thank you for your wonderful comment. You probably do not know that with this comment you hit the century mark! Yes, you’ve left 100 comments!!!!! WOW! THANK YOU LINDA!

  5. Great job designing and coloring these cards! Great job coloring each of the three hair styles for Bev and Deb’s cards! All three cards are great!

    Love always,

  6. I commented before with my phone. Unfortunately, at the time all I could see was Linda’s card. I thought it an awesome card, too, Linda. Like you said it’s even better in IRL.Loved your sister’s cards, too. The colors are so bright and cheery. Great job with the coloring. The hair is great and I thought the shading was great, too.

  7. Bev Dierks

    THANKS SIS for the beautiful birthday card!! LOVE IT!! The three sisters are so glamorous and your coloring was fantastic. Loved the stunning colors of our shirts-the three most popular colors on the market these days. If only I had eyes and eyelashes like that! And of course the shabby white embossing powder makes it top notch. Thanks for sharing your talent with me for my birthday. I saw Deb’s first but mine was waiting for me when I got home from the farm on Friday!! YIPEE!

  8. Beautifully done Myrna your coloring is gorgeous — both cards are splendid — I am going to be away from the computer until around September – grandchildren and all that!
    Sandy xx

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