Week 20 DLP Use A Rubber Stamp In A Different Way

I have a TON of stamps but I just wasn’t coming up with anything. A few people from the company Randy works for were in town so we all went out for Japanese food. I was putting my napkin back on the table and really looked at it. “EUREKA” there was my project! They had a flower on it and the petals looked like hearts. I knew I had heart stamps. I tried all of them and I liked this one the best. I stamped it on deli paper. I have to say these are by far my most favorite pages. I also used neon acrylics so it is bright and cheerful. Really needed it after this Winter.

Week 20

The stamps for this page and the next are Fancy Florals from Dylusions. Love them! I colored the flowers and stems with Dylusions spray inks.

Week 20-2

Week 20-3

Here is my page of my heart flowers. I LOVE IT!

Week 20-4

As you noticed I skipped quite a few weeks. I hope to catch up with them sometime. I just take way to long to do my pages.

As always thanks for stopping to visit and thanks for the love you leave.



5 responses to “Week 20 DLP Use A Rubber Stamp In A Different Way

  1. Good idea for the flowers! I notice you have some stencils too–so fun to use them!

  2. I am awestruck by the beauty of the pages !!! You have really stepped out of your box. The heart flowers are really creative and so unique. Love the Dylusions spray inks cause they are so vibrant. And of course, the ever present orange !!!!!

  3. Awesome pages, Myrna. I’m with you. They are among my favorites. Glad to have played a part in coming up with the idea by getting you to go to supper. Love all those flowers, but the heart flowers are unique. Loved the way the colors turned out on your pages, too.Great job!

  4. Awesome job coloring and designing these pages! Very cool idea with the sunflowers! Great job, keep it up!!!

    Love always,

  5. Oh Sugar this is beautiful! I am so tickled to see you back in full swing – you have wonderful artistic sensitivities – I just love your beautiful work!!!!!
    Sandy xx

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