Week 4 DLP Used 3 Very Fun Images

Isn’t it funny how life works out? Week 4 background pages were my least favorite. I don’t quite have the hang of the letting inks run down from the top of the page. I added white pearl thinking how awesome it would look. Instead it came out silver! Compared to the silver this is white.

I also used my deli paper that I had used with the gelli plate. Cut out snowflakes. Ok, they blended right into the background. Finally got them to stand out a bit. So fun to learn what is working and what isn’t.

I have to say the three images I used have turned out to be some of my favorites.

LOVE Winter Fairy Halla from Mo Manning! She was the epitome  of what this Winter was for us. Weeks and weeks of temps in the -50º to -60º wind chills. I wish you could see the beautiful sparkle on her wings, pom-poms and leggins. Also on the puff of breath. Used some Stickles on wings and breath too.

Week 4

Here is a close-up of Halla

Week 4-2

LOVE, LOVE this Winter Window from Mo.

Week4 3

Tip-in page is Hot Cocoa from Saturated Canary. You were supposed to write a secret message and then paint over it and leave one word unpainted. I’ll write the word back in when I do my journaling.


Yes, Linda I had to get some orange in here somewhere. 🙂

I’m jumping ahead to the current challenge and will hopefully get two done a week to catch up. Yah, right! 😉

Thanks for stopping and visiting with me for a while today. Always appreciate the love you leave.


4 responses to “Week 4 DLP Used 3 Very Fun Images

  1. Awesome job with your pages! Great job coloring your images and designing the ice dripping down your pages very cool!

    Love always,

  2. WOW !!! You are learning some very cool techniques. I like the “icicles” on the pages. They almost look real. Your journal is going to be fabulous when you get it finished.

  3. Awesome job of coloring your images. Hala is such a fun looking image, as is Hot Cocoa. Really enjoyed seeing the way you did the window. Litked your pages, too. The icicles were the finishing touch to an outstanding job

  4. I am so very behind and your work is always so very wonderful! Brrrr – Sandy xx

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