Week 3 DLP with Two Saturated Canary Images

I’m beginning to think I will never get caught up with my DLP. I have finished Week 3 and it is really Week 20. I am having a great deal of fun with the challenges though. Some not so much! I tend to have a problem thinking outside the box. I am a very structured and precise person. Any part of me that would go with the flow and what happens happens is buried VERY deep! LOL So this is a good project for me. Other than the fact I am coloring images so I’m still being precise. At least I’m trying.

Add an envelope from the mail was this week’s challenge. I really need to get my good camera fixed!

Week 3

A peek of my image through the envelope window.

Week 3 - 2

Reader a Saturated Canary image on a tag.

Week 3 - 3

Tea & a Book Saturated Canary image behind envelope.

Week 3 - 4

A poem I found on the internet about snow.

Week 3 - 5

I do have Week 4 almost done. I colored three images for that one. Just have some finish work to do.

Thanks for stopping and visiting with me for a while. As always love the love you leave me!


5 responses to “Week 3 DLP with Two Saturated Canary Images

  1. LOVE, LOVE, your choice of colors–orange, green cup and yellow tea bag and bright yellow book. The girls are adorable and your coloring is perfect like usual. Matching earrings, lipstick and polk-a-dot bow and those black glasses set her off with special class!! Right in style she certainly is with the trend! Can’t imagine all the strokes involved in coloring their beautiful eyes. How I’d love to have eyes like that!!! Is that embossing or white and brown speckles of some texture? Curious!!?? Keep on sis!

  2. Awesome job coloring your images and designing your pages of your journal! Very cool!

    Love always,

  3. First, this is awesome. I love this page, but do I detect some orange !!!! How did you do the texture around the image on the tag ??? It is very striking. Keep your pages coming. I enjoy seeing your progress.

  4. Outstanding job, Myrna. Loved your awesome coloring on your images. The pages were really cool, too. Really like the tag girl and that snow around her.

  5. Odd – I was thinking of you just this morning and here your are! Myrna your art work is always fabulous and your coloring divine.
    It is really good to see you Sugar!
    Sandy xx

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