Secret Journal

I have started a Secret Journal class using watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons and acrylic paints on top of gesso. I started out using a plain manila envelope and will hopefully have a wonderful book when I’m done.

I am making mine a Happiness Journal. I plan to look for live affirming  quotes, poems, etc. Moving in the Fall as we did is never a good thing. Specially here, as it started snowing the first week we were here in October. It has been the coldest Winter in years. Let me tell you the temps and wind chills were brutal! It snowed again today and temps are only going to be in the 30’s this week. Last year at this time Randy had been mowing the yard in IA.

If you want to make your own Secret Journal you can find all the videos here on YouTube under Pringle Hill Studios. There are going to be a lot of pics so will stop the chit chatting. This is only the first step in many steps. I just did the backgrounds on all the pages.

Another note my good camera broke on me so until it gets fixed I bought a Point and Shoot camera. Ok, not a good idea after a 35mm camera. So the pics may not be the best. As you know orange is my favorite color so many of the pages are along that line. Even though the camera came more to the yellow side.


Broad overview of book.

yellow-green page

red-orange page yellow-green

red-orange page2


blue-green page

pink page

All of the above pages are two page spreads.

As always thanks for stopping and visiting with me. Always love your comments.

Here’s hoping Spring comes soon to the tundra!!



3 responses to “Secret Journal

  1. Awesome job creating your book so far! It will turn out awesome when it gets done!

    Love always,

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait to see it when you’re done. By the way, the new camera seems to be working pretty good, too.

  3. Wow — I just found some new posts from you. And as usual everything you do is awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment!
    Sandy xx

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