A Birthday Card and Update on Life

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted a card. First of all, an update on what has been happening. After one and a half very long years of unemployment hubby finally found a job. It is  working with communities that have had a natural disaster administer their disaster relief funds. Yep, me who doesn’t like change will become a gypsy living wherever a disaster takes us. First stop is 50 from the Canadian border. Do I like cold weather? That would be a big NO! I may not leave the house until Spring whenever that will be.

We did sell our house an hour after we put it on the market! WaHoo! Prices are insane where we are moving to. We did find a house I have never seen. So I’ll reserve any comments on it until I see it IRL.

Drew has spent the Summer working for the United States Forest Service in Montana. He loves the area! He wasn’t a fire fighter but was involved with getting the fire crews to the helicopters and making sure they had all they needed to have a base camp that provided their needs. A few of them stayed in his cabin (in Montana they call them bunkhouses) it was some of the fire crew from Mississippi. One of the guys had biceps the size of Drew’s thigh. Drew and I were Skyping when they arrived so I saw him and chatted with him for a while.   The other one was Drew’s size! Let’s say half the size of the big guy.

He worked  14 days straight  and then would have two days off. A lot of the days were 12 hour days. He spent a lot of time on the road. At one point from his cabin he could see the smoke on the other side of the mountain and smell the smoke. I asked him how he was dealing with how close it was. He said he tried not to think of it. Let me tell you mom didn’t want to think of it either!

Now on to Annette’s birthday card. I used Grow from Saturated Canary. I made a CAS card as some of my stuff is already packed.


Not sure when I’ll be back with anything new as I will be packing and unpacking in the next month. Hope to be back before Christmas!

Thank you for stopping and visiting with me for a while. Thanks also for the love you leave. I treasure each and every one of them.




5 responses to “A Birthday Card and Update on Life

  1. Love the card, Myrna! It’s beautiful–thanks!

  2. Wow! That is absolutely amazing work. I’m guessing you are thrilled with how the hair and shading turned out. Loved your layout and paper choices, as well.

  3. Well all; the news sounds great – I will pretend I did not know any of t thins. Myrna, you might like the life of a gypsy. Just think, you might not ever have to spring clean!! Your card is wonderful. You always mix things so well and your coloring is perfect. I should know, I have one of your cards!!

  4. ALL your news is wonderful !!! I know it will be a big adjustment. Randy and Drew will be there with you. Love the card. It was gorgeous IRL.

  5. Awesome job coloring and designing this card for Annette!!! Love the color combinations that you used for the girl pretty cool! Great job and well done:)

    Love always,

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