Four More Images For My Smash Book

Here are the first two images. I again used Saturated Canary images. I redid Country Mama as I thought I could do better with her pants. I am happier with them still need more practice though. The second image is Tourist. It looks like she is no longer for sale. Glad I bought her when I did.

Country Mama & Tourist

Here are the second two images.  They are Winnie Goes Camping and Smashy Curls. I put Glossy Accents on the glass of the lantern. Looks awesome IRL!

Winnie Goes Camping & Smashy Curls

Thanks for stopping and visiting for a while with me. Always love your comments!

Have a good one.



6 responses to “Four More Images For My Smash Book

  1. Awesome job with these girls for your smash book!!! Great job coloring each of them and adding the little touches everywhere!!! Awesome use of the Glossy Accents on the lantern and even down to the painted toenails on Country Mama;)

    Love always, Andrew

  2. Lovely, as usual, Myrna! You even did one in pink!

  3. Annette beat me to the comment about using pink !!! I like her. Great job of coloring and I like Country Mama’s pants. Great job !!!

  4. Four more terrific jobs of coloring! I like your shading on all of them and I think you did an outstanding job on the hair of each of them, giving them each a different color. Like the glossy accent lantern, too.

  5. Love Country Mama’s pants Myrna, you did a spectacular job. Love Tourist’s hair and her cloth’s coloring and am in awe with everything about Winnie goes camping, especially her lantern and smashing curls. Great job Myrna as usual. Wish you would give me some of that initative you have.
    Hugs, Jean

  6. Gorgeous images and gorgeous coloring! Especially love how you colored the pants pleats in your first image! Hope you are having a lovely summer, Myrna! hugs, Angela

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