Images 4 & 5 For My Smash Book

I can’t believe I’ve colored 6 images in the last week. I have two more to go for sure. Then I have a few more that I’d like to do that are more to do with the Wild West theme. A couple of Tim Holtz stamps.

I have mixed emotions about these two images. The first one I did was Country Mama from Saturated Canary. Totally different colors for me, I really like them. They match the paper perfectly. I tried Zoe’s from MIC crease and fold technique. Ok, I may have gotten a little carried away with the creases on one leg and not the other.

Country Mama

The second image is Ivy also from Saturated Canary.


Only two more Saturated Canary images to do and then I have a few others to do for my book.

Once again thank you for stopping and spending some time with me. Always love your comments.


7 responses to “Images 4 & 5 For My Smash Book

  1. Another Gorgeous coloring of images!!!! of course my favorite again is Ivy with her glasses and sassy look. But both are so colorful and so beautifully done. I’m gonna sit on pins and needles till you are done with this project!

    Hugs. Jean

  2. WOW !!! You really went out of the box with the colors you used. They are fabulous !!! The backgrounds are wonderful. Glad to see you trying to things and getting out of the “slump” you were in. It always gets better, sometimes pretty slowly.

  3. She is off and running gang!!! Oh Myrna it is really wonderful watching you create again. Now people can see some really beautiful coloring. Love both your images and the gorgeous background – you go girl!!!!!!

  4. Your coloring is gorgeous again, as usual! Your smash book is going to be a “smash”!

  5. Awesome job, Myrna. I think Country Mama’s pants are a fantastic job of making creases. The Glossy Accents on Ivy’s glasses were a great touch, as well as the dimple you gave her on the elbow. Keep up the good work. Everyone is enjoying your work.

  6. Awesome job with coloring and designing these two girls!!! Your smash book is going to turn out awesome!! Love the creases on Country Mama’s pants and how Ivy’s glasses turned out with the glossy accents very cool!!!

    Love always, Andrew

  7. Two more awesomely coloured images I love them

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