Two More Saturated Canary Images For My Smash Book

I am on a roll here. I did have to take the weekend off. My first image has gorgeous hair and boy did I have trouble with it. So after a couple tries I said enough is enough. It is just for myself in a Smash book. It is a SC image Starla she has a ‘tache on a stick and the page it is going on has two burly men arguing about whose ‘tache is better! Love it!

Starla 2

The second SC image is Latte. She will be perfect for the 2-page spread of TOP 10 list. We’ll have to hit coffee cafes all the way there and back again.


I realize my pics are just a little large. Anyway, Thank you for stopping and spending a little time with me today. As always I love your comments and do appreciate them!

Have a great week! As I was busy coloring the sirens went for a tornado warning! Tomorrow we’re supposed to be in the 100’s. ICK ICK! I would die living any further South with the humidity.



7 responses to “Two More Saturated Canary Images For My Smash Book

  1. Great job on the images. Love your hair and shading. I’ve enjoyed watching you get involved in your coloring and am looking forward to seeing your Smash Book come together

  2. Awesome job coloring and designing your next two images for your smash book!!! Very cool love all of them so far!!!

    Love always, Andrew

  3. Your coloring is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your finished smash book!

  4. Orange !!!! It is great to see that color again. I know it is your favorite. I think you have mastered hair. It looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  5. Two fabby images and both coloured amazingly, love Starla especially.

  6. Delightful Myrna – they look great in pictures but I know in person they are absolutely gorgeous – your coloring is to be envied!!

  7. Oh Myrna, this is just great… Love the colors and the wild cloths. Your color combination is a real treat and reminds me of being in school, gosh to be back there again, of course we had to wear dresses or skirts and blouses, but colors we took advantage of!! You did it girl. An anxious to see more.
    Hugs, Jean

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