Saturated Canary Images for My Smash Book

Ok, Summer has officially started here. I finally broke down and turned the air on in the house. I hate doing that. As far as I’m concerned it might as well be Winter. I do not like a closed up house. I want fresh air flowing through it. Instead, we’re closed up to keep the humidity out. Humidity is my enemy. I HATE it!

Ok, on to fun things. I’ve been working on Saturated Canary Images for my Smash book I’m making for when we move Drew to his job wherever that may be. My first one is Pack Light. I tend to pack everything but the kitchen sink when I go somewhere. The second one is Tammy Pie I cut them out with a white border. I am not anal enough to cut around all the hair strands.

Pack Light

Tammy Pie

I only have 6 more images to color! I’m really having fun. I’m working on the hair. Hair is just the bane to my existence!! With my bifocals I have a depth perception problem. Soooo hard to get an extra-fine stroke.

As always thank you for visiting with me today. Many, many thanks for your comments. They mean so much to me.

Have a great day.



7 responses to “Saturated Canary Images for My Smash Book

  1. Two awesome images. Your coloring was outstanding. Can’t wait to see how they fit into your smash book.

  2. I know your smash book will be delightful — I love the one you did with all your favorite Tildas. You color beautifully Myrna – and I should know. I have one of your cards to cherish!!

  3. Awesome job coloring both of these images! They’ll look awesome in your smash book with stuff from Montana!!!

    Love always, Andrew

  4. I must say these are two terrific looking gals alright! Ditto to the comments regarding your coloring as it’s marvelous. My favorite one is the gal in yellow with all the cool lime accents. Her yellow earrings, combo purse and bows, and of course her camera sets the scene. WOW! The lime hat with the details is stunning and then that almost hidden strap to her top spells perfection and detail not to be missed. Her hair looks perfect to me-would love to have hair that color. Your eyes must be a lot better than mine sis! Of course I lack the talent too. You should have seen me trying to figure out just what the wheels on the side of the suitcase were! Dah??? Dynamite gal!
    Love, Bev

  5. A beautify to behold… l adore you bright colors and your gorgeous gals especially Tammy Pie with her glasses and stunning reddish alburn hair. Reminds me of uhum somebody….. Your brightly colored cloths will catchs many eyes and will keep a person’s interest flowing. I know it does mine. I want more to see and more to look at. And it is wonderful when you have a great husband and son to give you glowing comments. They are both sweethearts.
    Hugs, Jean

  6. Such great coloring !!! You have gotten back into the groove. Love all the little details that your sis pointed out. She must have better eyesight than mine. Can’t wait to see them IRL.

  7. Love these beautiful images! Your coloring is looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

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