AWESOME NEWS & A Father’s Day Card

I’ve been looking at blogs on the internet lately and found this technique that looked really interesting. On the spur of the moment I decided to try it for Randy’s Father’s Day card. I LOVE it! I had a blast playing around with it.

Moose Front


Father Verse


  • Stamps:  Nature & Father – Paper Inspirations
  • Paper:  Green & Red Confetti CS – Fox River
  • Alcohol Inks – Dockside Picnic set – Watermelon, Citrus & Sail Boat Blue also silver – Adirondock
  • Ink Pad:  Jet Black – Archival Ink

Now for the awesome news! Drew was offered a job for the Summer in SE Montana!! He’ll be working for the National Forest. It has always been his dream to live in Montana. He’s already looking forward to fly fishing.

Yes, mom is going to have a problem with him being over 1,200 away! No cell phone service so back to calling cards and Skype. Now if only Randy could find a job! One and a half years of unemployment. It really sees what you’re made of.  I think I’ve hit all gammets of emotions. I tend to withdraw from people so I am giving a HUGE shout-out to Linda, Jean & Sandy & my sis Bev for calling, emailing and just being there for me. You’ll never know what it has meant to me!

Thanks for stopping and visiting with me today. As always I love to read your comments.

Have a great week!!



7 responses to “AWESOME NEWS & A Father’s Day Card

  1. Thanks for the awesome card! Love the new technique! Also, love the moose image. Reminds me of the time we were in Yellowstone with Kieth and Jenny and we stopped to take a picture of a moose out in a marsh. When we got home and got the pictures developed you could see this little spec of an ant out in the middle of a marsh. And to top it off we had several of those photos. Well, anyway, maybe we’ll be able to get some better moose pictures when we go to MT with Drew. So proud of him, as he begins his post-college career out in a state he’s always wanted to work in.

  2. Fabulous card, that is a great technique. Congrats to Drew on getting to follow his dreams with such an amazing job opportunity.

  3. Great card Myrna !!! I know all of you had a great Father’s Day. Drew’s job had to be the best present ever !!! Now, we keep praying for Randy to find a job. It’s out there we just need to find it !!!.. So glad to see you crreating again.

  4. Awesome job designing and coloring dad’s Father’s Day card!! Very cool job on how you mixed together the inks under the images, awesome job well done:)

    I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and send them back home for you guys;) Hopefully even some pictures with the fish, moose, and wolves.

    Love Always, Andrew

  5. Alcohol inks are so much fun to work with, and your card is great! It also reminds me to get those inks out and make something! So glad that Andrew found a job in Montana. That’s a great excuse to visit there!

  6. How blessed is Randy to receive such an inspirational Father’s Day card from his precious son and created especially by his talented, loving wife. Myrna you did such a professional job using the alcohol inks and did great with your spur of the moment card. I can just image the joy on your face as you created your masterpiece. And then their reactions were priceless I am sure!! I am so thankful and excited for Andrew’s next chapter in his life!! It will be an experience of a lifetime and I am sure you will all take pictures to capture the memories of Montana and treasure those in your heart always. God’s creation and ways always bring such AWE to me! The words you chose inside and outside his card were priceless. Praying for all of you as you await the details of his new job. So ELATED with him and enjoy your trip. Life is full of new adventures so just hang on and ENJOY the ride and capture the moments that take your breath away! Love to all!

  7. Gorgeous card Sugar!!! It is always fun to try something new and congratulations are in order for Drew!

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