Drew’s College Graduation Card!!!!!!

We are sooooo excited here. We are soooo proud of him! He never gave up when the going got rough. That’s one of the things I love most about him. He doesn’t give up, no matter how many times life kicks him down he gets up and tries harder! I think back to the first few days of his birth when we were told he had no chance of surviving and here he is graduating from college!!!! WOW!

Graduation Boy

We’re disappointed that a year ago the college decided to quit doing the Winter graduation. 😦 So we won’t get to see him walk across the stage.

Two more Christmas Miracles to go!



8 responses to “Drew’s College Graduation Card!!!!!!

  1. So cute – so meaningful — right on target I would say! Congratultions –

  2. Excellent card for an excellent achievement!!! Your shading was outstanding, Myrna. Loved the layout, too. Proud of both of you. 🙂

  3. Awesome job on the card!!!! Absolutely love it and sooooooo glad to be done with college!!!! Great job coloring the image and awesome job with the designing of this card VERY VERY COOL!!!!

    Love always,

  4. Myrna
    I absolutely love the SDSU/Drew graduation card. It’s beautiful. And I’m praying for a couple more Christmas miracles.

  5. Great card !!! Love the layout and the coloring !!! Congrats, Drew !!!

  6. Myrna what a precious card for Drew. Love the sturated canary. So adorable and sure Drew appreciated it too. The layout is so adorable and even though you didn’t see him walk across the stage, he has finally graduated just the same.. now for the job game!! Congratulations to you all!
    Hugs, Jean

  7. Just saw your e-mail. What a great card to celebrate a great achievement, Andrew. A great achievement for you too, Myrna. A talented family!! Emily R.

  8. Congratulations to your son Myrna. That is wonderful news and I bet he will just love this card. Love your layout and design. Gorgeous coloring – loving this adorable image!

    Happy Holidays to you! big hugs, Angela

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