Tim Holtz Rivet Tag For Drew

A friend (Linda) at Stamp Club made an ATC rivet one. I just loved it. She’s our Tim Holtz expert! I knew I just had to try it. I thought Drew would love it. The car on the tag was Randy’s idea. He likes to take credit for that. So I’ll spread credit around today!

I have to say I have never done most of the stuff on the tag. If you know me at all I’m rather anal about everything being lined up and straight. So the tag was a challenge for me. Unfortunately, things are pretty much lined up. Baby steps, baby steps!! LOL Next one will be a little less straight.

I had sooooo much fun making this. Trying different things as I realized I didn’t have what I needed. Of all the reinkers I have I didn’t have black soot!! I ended up using tuxedo black ink to dye my ribbon black. Drew that may be another reason you got black on your hands. Sorry about that!!

I found the directions for making the rivet tag in Tim’s second book A Compendium Of Curiosities.

This was just a “thinking of you and love you” tag for Drew. The goal line is within reach so go after it with gusto my precious son!! Love you, Mom

Once again thank you for visiting with me for a while and as always love reading your comments. They mean a great deal to me. We are in a very dark period right now.

I have two very large projects I’m making the guys for Christmas. They may have to be added to over the next few Christmas’ as they may be too large to get done.

Trying to be grateful for the small things. Thank you Annette for posting your “grateful fors” to FB so if I haven’t made my list it reminds me to do so!



6 responses to “Tim Holtz Rivet Tag For Drew

  1. So many awesome ideas on your ATC tag! Turned out great! Perfect card for Drew. Glad he got it and is enjoying it.

  2. We DO have many things to be grateful for; we just don’t always realize and acknowledge them. One of my “gratefuls” is you, my friend. So glad to see your posts again. Great tag!

  3. Awesome bookmark! The black dye on the ribbon definitely explains the black ink on the inside of the envelope:) Love it all very cool!!!

    Love, Andrew

  4. WOW !!! You may take over my TH role !!!! The tag is awesome and you did a great job of the rivets and the lines. And I ditto everything Annette said !!!

  5. I love the metal effect, nicely done
    hugs Julie P

  6. Ooo love that! Such an interesting tag and I love the metal textures. Stunning dear, hugs, Angela

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