Two Vacation Scrapbooks in One Month!

I’m still having trouble believing I finished two scrapbooks in one month! My last post was June 15th and I started after that. Not much is happening around here other than we are baking here in the Midwest. It has been in the high 90’s and 100’s for weeks. It is frightening hearing the reports of dried up crops and food prices going up in the near future. We NEED rain desperately!

Ok, I got that out of my system. My scrapbooks are from our 1997 Colorado/Black Hills – South Dakota vacation. Ok, not to speedy or up to date here. 🙂 We looked soooo young. I won’t bore you with a lot of pages just the favorites. The first will be my title page. I rarely use pattern paper as I feel it distracts from my pics. I saw this and fell in love with it. One other thing these pics were taken back before digital cameras. I kept thinking I could fix this or crop that.

Next up is my Mammoth Site pic using bones to make the title of the page.

Next two pics are of doing  mosaics. It took 200 1″ squares. I did one page a day that was all my nerves could take of picking, cutting and gluing  1″ pics. Love how they turned out though!!

My Page

Drew’s Page

About the only thing to add is that the alphabet is Tim Holtz Vintage Market. I loved it for the Old West look.

Thanks for stopping to visit with me for a while. I always appreciate each and every comment you leave.

Stay cool!!





6 responses to “Two Vacation Scrapbooks in One Month!

  1. It was fun watching your pages come alive, as well as re-living the moments. Those letters on the title page came out great. I also really liked the mosaic photos on your last page. Outstanding work!

  2. Myrna, I missed the mosaic pages. Where was I when i looked through the scrapbook ????? I saw most everything else. Must have been in a daze or got interrupted. Anyway they were awesome. You did amazing work the last month.

  3. I missed the mosaic pages too. They are gorgeous–so much work, but worth it! Thanks for sharing again.

  4. Awesome scrapbook pages! Love all of your pages you’ve completed over the years since you first began scrap booking! Great job:)

  5. Really wonderful Myrna – I am not one bit surprised at your talent.

  6. Myrna I love the little squares ones, they are awesome and the letters on the fist and second pages are amazing! tfs!
    hugs Lou xx

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