Little Darlings Winter Release

Every time a new release  comes out I think they can’t be as cute as the last ones! Every time I’m wrong because they just keep getting cuter!! I did 2 of the 3 images. The first one is Catching Snowflakes! How many times as a kid did we stand outside in the falling snow trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue!!! If you look really close you can see that I put a snowflake on her tongue.

As you can see I went all out with the glitter!!! I also put Fun Flock on her hat and hood. I used Crystal Lacquer on her boots.

If possible I went even more crazy with glitter on Ice Dancer!! Even put Stickles on the flowers and Let It Snow sentiment. Linda, I would like you to note that I had the option of using orange and used pink instead!!! 😉

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration. I know I really had fun with these two cards!

Thanks for stopping and visiting a while with me. I appreciate the wonderful comments you leave me.



7 responses to “Little Darlings Winter Release

  1. WOW !!! Glitter girl is here !!! I have never seen you use so much and I love it !!! It just makes the cards sparkle. Your coloring is superb and choice of backgrounds papers is just perfect. I noticed the pink and love it !! Having a little girl to make cards for has brought the pink out in you. I KNEW it was hididng behind the orange !!! How was your weekend ??? Hope it was a great time.

  2. Great job with the cards, Myrna. Your great coloring was complimented nicely with the choice of papers and the glitter. The snowflakes and bow on “Catching Snowflakes” and the snowflakes and flowers on “Ice Dancer” were great added touches.

  3. Great job coloring and designing these new cards!!! Love them both!! Awesome use of the glitter everywhere even on her tongue so creative:) Keep it up another great job well done!!!!
    Love always,

  4. What gorgeous cards you’ve made with these cuties, Myrna! Your coloring is wonderful and I love the combination of papers and colors. Love the bit of sparkle too! hugs, Angela

  5. Those are cute. I love all the glitter. Lots of neat bling!!

  6. Wonderful, cute and fun cards Myrna! I love them!!!

  7. I’m not the only one going–“OO, AHH!! you should have heard Madyson when I showed her the little girl card with the little cutie catching snowflakes with her tongue. When I told her great Aunt Myrna made the card she kept saying, “Myrna, Myrna, Myrna,” as plain as day. Loved her reaction and all your cards. The colors are stunningly, gorgeous and that glitter is a must SEE!! Your coloring of course is always PERFECT and those poinsettias with the sparkles just nudged me to start decorating ASAP or Christmas will come and go before I know it. Snowflakes are still going down this page or am I losing my mind?? TREMENDOUS backgrounds as they are so uniquely coordinated and tastefully done. LOVE each and every card and Madyson will be catching snowflakes with her tongue now!!!! Like you said those Little Darlings Winter Release are just toooooo cute!

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