4th of July

by Myrna

I just realized that I had said when I started this blog that it would be for photography and for cards. It has all been about cards. The only pictures have been of cards and when I change my header. So, I decided it was time to start showing some of my photography.

We went to Honey Creek, a resort here in Iowa that we had wanted to check out but just never took the time to do it. It mainly catered to golfing and boating. I HATE golf, the guys like to golf. For myself I guess it’s the Iowa heat and humidity that I hate. 🙂 We do love to kayak and have three but with all the speed boats out there not the time to be in a small water craft.

We used to have a Toyota Camry and if you can believe this we hauled three bicycles and three kayaks on vacation one year. We must have been a sight!! We had HORRIBLE gas mileage. LOL But we had fun even if Randy fell in the water and had to dry out all his money and everything in his billfold!

We were home in time to watch our fireworks here. We were actually able to go to the end of our block and watch them. No traffic to contend with. Pretty cool.

Here’s some of my fireworks shots.

Be sure to click to enlarge them!!!!

Drew’s favorite.

Love the red, white and blue!

Love this one! Looks like Pampas Grass.

A fitting end to the day!!

I hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th!!

I’ll be back next week with a new challenge card. Also working on Randy’s birthday card.

Thanks for stopping and visiting with me for a while!



7 responses to “4th of July

  1. WOW !!! You are a great photographer. You really captured the beauty of the fireworks. Great job.

  2. Awesome fireworks!!! Love the first one 🙂 Great job with the photographs!

  3. These are totally amazing firework photographs Myrna – I really must try to master all the features of my camera and improve my picture taking !! Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Watching you click away on your camera was almost as enjoyable as watching the fireworks. You had a lot of awesome photos. The ones you shared were all great, but I like the last one the best.

  5. Christina D

    I love your photos. Your comment about the heat in Iowa was not nice, I have to drive through there in Aug. Hope it cools off. Camping is always fun.

  6. Bev Dierks

    Spectacular 4th of July pictures!! I can’t quite figure out just how you get such great pictures because it is impossible to know just exactly when to expect them to go off. Did you use your tripod and just click and click?? I love the Pampas grass too! Looks real enough to want to reach out touch it! Amazing that you could get so many great shots a block from your house-incredible!

  7. Oh these are awesome shots, I can never get good pictures of fireworks!

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