Miss Madyson’s First Birthday! WAHOO!!!!!

by Myrna

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. I cleaned my studio from top to bottom in that time. Although, you’d never know by looking at it today. What a MESS!!! Is anyone out there neat when they create? I’m NOT! As the end of the project gets near I get messier and messier!

Ok, I have to say I kept putting this card off. The longer I was away the more I didn’t want to get started again. My hubby said, “why, every time you do a card it’s better than the last”. What pressure that is! So, of course, everything to do with this card was as difficult and fraught with angst with every move I made. Which some would say was the state of mind I went into it. Although, it didn’t stress me out. I just walked away and forgot about it. So, finally, here is our “Little Princess’ First Birthday” card. Of course, it had to be pink and brown. As we all know pink is not my favorite color. Reminds me of Pepto Bismol. ICK!!! I only had it once in my life and you can see how traumatized I was by it!! Forever colored my outlook on life concerning pink.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Drew had to comment on his Autumn card I made and did the grass like I’ve done here. He LAUGHED at how sparse it was!! Yes, LAUGHED. He wished his Summer mowing job would have been that sparse. Some people’s kids!!

Close-up of top of card.


Bear with me one more picture.


I have never had so much trouble getting pictures as I did today!! I thought it would be a perfect day. The sun is shining for the first time in what seems like a month. Must be all that snow out there. It certainly couldn’t be a reflection on my photography skills. After all, I have about 50 photography books. Hmmm, maybe I should start reading them! Ok, enough whining!


  • Stamps:  Lg & Sm Standing Love Bug Girl with Heart – hAnglar & stAnglar – Kit 7 ’10
  • happy birthday – savvy stamps
  • Nesties:  Label 8 & ovals
  • Dies:  Daisy & leaf – QuicKutz
  • Punches:  #1 -Family Treasures & tiny heart – Carl (part of a corner punch)
  • Inks:  Sky Blue – Vivid! & Spun Sugar – Distress Ink
  • Template:  Summer Fun (clouds) ANM
  • Crystal Lacquer – I went crazy with this stuff – hearts on happy birthday – hearts on both tops
  • Stickles:  Frosted Lace – on wings on both
  • Copics:
  • Flesh:  E000 E02 E00
  • Hair:  E31 E35 E97 E25 E29
  • Hat, hair ribbons, top & pants:  R81R83 R85 R89
  • Wings:  No

A request from you all. I have not found a good hair color I like if you have any you’d like to share I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for looking and bearing with me and all my whining. Sorry I didn’t serve any cheese.

I love and appreciate all your comments.


PS I just did a preview and realized my second close-up is almost as close as the first pic. LOL I went to all the work to do it so not changing it now! I think I could go for a glass of wine about now. Do you suppose our left-over alcohol-free wine from New Years is any good?

Oh dear, have a good one!

One more thing. What’s up with those people at Apple that they don’t have Pepto Bismol in their dictionary???? They better get on top of it! I’m gone for sure this time.



16 responses to “Miss Madyson’s First Birthday! WAHOO!!!!!

  1. How wonderful Myrna! She’s a doll! They will treasure this for sure! What a keepsake! A cutie bug!!! I love that you added the “1” and all the hearts! Super cool inked daisies!
    Pam Going Postal

  2. Awesome job of coloring and designing Madyson’s birthday card:) I see ya added more grass this time….that’s more like it!!! Great job keep up the awesome work!!!! I love how this one turned out considering I’m not a fan of pink either:)


  3. Great job with the card. You didn’t loose your knack. Love the hearts and the flowers. Your coloring keeps getting better, too. Nice photo for your banner, too. Now that the days are getting longer, the photo will help us to think about spring.

  4. Oh Myrna!!! I wish to write in my language and you could understand me!!! Sometimes is so difficult to find the right words!!! :(((

    Your card is absolutely wonderful!!! I also didn´t like pink but you color it in a way that the pick is lovely!!! Your coloring is so beautiful. Love everything!!! the grass too!!:))))

    I missed your work. Hope we can see more!!!

    Have a marvellous weekend!

  5. I love the butterfly wings behind her and the pigtails with the bows. Awesome card. Wish I could see it IRl but know you have to send it on to Miss Madyson !!!

  6. Myrna, this is so cute! That little sweet pea is so adorable and I love that you put the #1 on her, extra special. And did you draw that grass? If so it looks sweet.



  7. Myrna,

    Your card is adorable.

  8. Myrna this is adorable and gorgeous! Love it!!!
    Sandy Dehon

  9. You are a delight to read. I love your Pepto Card color. Your husband is very sweet and this card is stunning as well. I love your artwork.

  10. Myrna this is just adorable! I love the shape of your easel card and this sweet image. Awesome coloring as always and I love the flower embellishments. Happy Birthday to Madyson! hugs, Angela

  11. MARVELOUS, MAGNIFICENT, #1 birthday card for little princess Madyson! I absolutely love the dazzling pink, the iridescent wings, the #1, and the perfectly colored daisies. The grass adds just the right touch-cool! And of course, I I love all the hearts all over cause she is a Valentine birthday girl. Her birthday theme is going to include lots of hearts in pink and red. So without you knowing that you must have ESP. SPECTACULAR MYRNA!! Nikki has her tall, skinny woodsy tree decorated in pink, red and plastic candy hearts. Her party is the 12th of February and it will be a blast getting all the fun decorations. Sure wish that you could be there! I’m still trying to keeping my eye open for a really large keepsake box that could be hung on her wall and display all her cards that you have made. Sure I’ll find just the right box someday! We babysat yesterday and she was playing with those iridescent butterfly wings that Nikki bought for a costume for something some day and also with a hat just like you have on her card. What a blessing she’s been from the start. Hugs and kisses, dresses and bows, she’s a miracle baby every moment she grows. Your card is perfect for our little princess-I spied all the crowns on her card. PERFECT!! Your details are perfect!


  12. this is definitely a wonderful card!!

    love your colouring, stamp and papers you chose… well, everything, it’s just perfect!!

  13. Oh my gosh so CUTE!!

  14. Myrna wow!!!!!!!!!! Your blog is rained with some gorgeous creations my dear!!

    I am in awe with your clean gorgeous cards.Your coloring is extremely perfect and vivid.

    I been meaning to color this baby up too lol! Perfect for Valentine’s may be i’ll do it next.Thanks for the inspiration hun.Oh and your visit makes me smile thank you!

    I’m gonna have to add you to my favorite blogs lol!((smiles)RubyM:)

  15. This is soooo sweet! I think your card is wonderful!
    Hugs Jeanette xxo

  16. Myrna, this card is so gorgeous.. I just found it by going on your site, so glad I saw it.. I love your coloring and yes the sparse grass is so perfect but your coloring is so much better than what I have seen in a while.. A great card and sure to please a little one year old granddaughter… know it sure pleased me… Great card..
    Hugs, Jean

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