Have You Ever Looked Forward to Something to…

have it go horribly wrong!!!!! All Summer long we looked forward to our hiking vacation in the Colorado mountains.  All the long days of rain after rain. Two weeks to go, we’re in the home stretch!!!!

Time to get my computer ready for all the pictures I’m going to take. So a good time to download Snow Leopard and the latest iPhoto. Oh no, every time I went to work on pictures it would all of a sudden just disappear on me. Of course, I would loose everything I had just done. We are talking 2,600 pictures! Past Christmas’, weddings, vacations, etc. Ok, two separate trips to Des Moines to the Apple Store. Three hour round-trip each. Yeah, it’s fixed! Vacation here we come!

One week to go. I have mentioned that this has been one of the rainest Summers we’ve had. We have a walk-out basement on the East end of the house. It’s rained straight for two days. We are now going on our third day. At three in the morning I went down and checked everything. DRY!!! Whew! At 6:30 when Randy got up I told him to go check the basement. He didn’t come up and didn’t come up. Oh, no!!!!! You guessed it, the water got higher where the cement and wood framing meet and it just came in like an invited guest!  Into the family room and Drew’s bedroom it went. Our basement is finished like our upstairs. We ended up with 10″ of rain, 6 of it that night.

Not too impressed with our local carpet people. He didn’t like the 6:30 call said to call the business at 8!!!!! So we went into action got out the Bissell carpet cleaner and sucked up as much water as we could. Pulled up the carpet and ripped out the pad. We got the  dehumidifier and fan going on full speed. They showed up 31+ hours later. All that was left for them to do was to put their commercial fans (6 of them) and a refrigerator sized dehumidifier up. For 24 hours it sounded and felt like we were living on an airport landing strip. One small portion of the wall was not dry, so just one fan going for another 24 hours.

Ok, we’re still good. The basement is now dry, we have sandbags lining the east end of the house if we get more rain. (Have I mentioned that we live on the top of a hill)! All the furniture is pushed the West end of the house. Drew’s room is divided between his room and the shop. But, we’re still looking forward to our vacation!!!!! More now than ever!

Two days to go!!! You do remember that I have mentioned we have had a VERY rainy Summer. It’s mid-afternoon and it’s getting darker. Yep, it’s raining!! I was dashing down the hall to do what I do not remember. It’s dark, a pair of black shoes laying in the hall. You got it!!! I ran into them with my toe and I felt the pain shoot up my foot! Yes, I hit the floor and I screamed like I have never screamed before! Off to the clinic to see if I broke my toe.

They saw a shadow but weren’t sure it was broken. Nothing you can do for a broken toe anyway. Buddy wrap it and go have fun on your vacation! Is she ever lucky she couldn’t read my mind. It apparently wasn’t broken as the next morning I could still walk on it. If that’s what you could call walking. Then I was walking.

D-Day!! We’re off to Colorado! Let me tell you Rest Stop bathrooms have never been so far from the curb as they were on this trip! It’s now 5 days after that fateful afternoon. My first day in tennis shoes.  Our first hike, one that we would scoff at for total wimps. Two miles round trip. It took us maybe three times as long as it should have. I watched very carefully where I put my foot with every step. Finally, back to the car where I could feel with every mile back to the condo my foot swelling more and more.

Next day, time for a little shopping. Ok, that went pretty good.

Today’s the day, hiking boots on. Not bad, they felt good. We headed off to the ghost town of Boston. Another easy two mile hike. A lot more rocks on this trail. I was really careful with each footstep. It was a totally exhausting hike. I decided it was time to give up on the hiking for this trip. 😦 No hike on my birthday!

It was great to get away to the dry, rain-free mountains for a week even if it wasn’t what we had looked forward to all Summer.

First day home Drew had two toenails removed. So, here we are two people with bum feet and having a week to get him packed up for college! I’m doing the running and packing and he’s directing. It’s been hobble, hobble get the Motrin. Back to work.

Have I mentioned that since we’ve been home I’ve stubbed my toe two more times! As uncomfortable as it is I started  wearing shoes.

Two more days before we head out for his college. Keep us in your prayers the month is not over yet.

If you’ve quit reading by now that’s ok. I feel better getting it off my chest anyway. 🙂

It may be a while before I get back to card making as the house is a disaster and I need to clean.


5 responses to “Have You Ever Looked Forward to Something to…

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry for your troubles….all that water in your house…a broken toe…I hope everything gets back to normal soon for you! Here’s a hug! LindaC

  2. Oh I just had to laugh at your story! It was like reading “The Perils of Pauline”. I’m so sorry to hear about all that water in your house (and we’re near parched in Texas) and about your very sore toe! Sending you a huge hug in hopes that your toe will recover very quickly. Be good to yourself and give it a rest now and then…Barb H.

  3. Oh good grief, Myrna! What an ordeal! Hey things can only get better from now on, right? LOL – I had to laugh a bit though – what else could happen to you? I hope your fall and winter seasons are rain free! Hey, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! big hugs, Angela 😉

  4. What a bummer!! sounds like you need another vacation, wanna come to Africa, i got a room, he he.
    Well im sure from here it cant get any worse. Feel better soon

  5. Myrna I just had to giggle as I was reading…. at least I am not the only one things like that happen to, so sorry to hear about all the water here in AZ we don’t have that problem 🙂

    Take good care of yourself and your toe

    Hugs to ya ♥

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